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About Us

How It All Started

I'm pretty sure I was born with the collector's gene. At the age of 4 I began to collect postage stamps, rising to the position of Vice-President of the Dubuque Stamp Club by the age of 14.

It was in 1994 that my soon to be passion for American Advertising and Gas Station Collectibles would begin. That year my Uncle Charlie suddenly passed away while building his dream lakeside retreat in Indiana. While my relatives shared their favorite stories about Uncle Charlie, the began discussing the big auction that he was preparing for. Unknown to me, he had been a collector of advertising signs and railroad memorabilia for many years. Prior to his passing, he was preparing to auction off his collection due to the limited display space at his new home. I couldn't believe in all of my visits to his house, I never made it into the basement!

I was determined to make it to his auction. A few weeks later, my Dad and I drove from Iowa to Fort Wayne, Indiana where the auction was being held to watch as his collection found new homes. I got pretty excited about some of the signs I saw and decided to bid on a few. I ended up with a 1936 RC Cola Sign, and a 1950's Double Cola sign.

When we arrived back in Iowa, I quickly hung the signs on my bedroom wall, they looked so cool! I decided I needed more. It wasn't much longer and I bought a Texaco Fire Chief gas pump plate, and it was neat! Right then and there I decided to collect gas station memorabilia.


My collecting interest has evolved over the years into areas beyond gas station memorabilia. I also enjoy soda advertising (with an obvious place in my heart for Double Cola), ice cream advertising (one of my favorite foods), bread advertising, neon signs, and much more.

Advertising Collector, Inc. was founded in 2010 to buy & sell vintage advertising artifacts. We've been buying and selling ever since.

In addition to Advertising Collector, Inc., I also work full time in the college recruiting space developing tools to help corporations recruit college students.

In my "hobby job" and my "day job", it's all about the pursuit of the rare, unusual, and the valuable. It's about matching those objects of desire, to the right people who will value them the most.

I hope you enjoy the items I have for sale here in my store. Many of my best items never make it to the store, so if there is something special you are on the hunt for, please contact me.